Bossaball: Volleyball and soccer


This quite possibly is my new favorite sport in the world. I’m not kidding when I say that either.

If this just doesn't look like the most fun you can have...

If this just doesn’t look like the most fun you can have…

To lend background, Bossaball is a fairly new sport to planet Earth and was thought up around 2004 in España. Thank you man named Filip Eyckmans. You rule.

I like to think that when Filip was dreaming up this sport, he was legitimately dreaming and said, as he rose from his slumber, “Tengo que escribir esto!” Which obviously means ‘I need to write this down’. I’m sure all of my readers and subscribers can comprehend Spanish of course.

He then wrote all of this information down and went to the local Spanish equivalent of ‘SkyZone’ (you know, that place with the trampolines as floors, trampoline dodgeball/basketball/free for all where your parents were skeptical about you going to when you were 13 because they thought you would injure yourself…and you did…yeah…that one) and told his friend Anbessa (coolest Spanish name I can think of – it means lion – I mean, c’mon…LION) to come up with a design for a portable volleyball court with a trampoline in the middle of each courtside. The rest is history I would assume.

Some super awesome people who specialize in the ways of Bossaball decided to spread the news about the new sport and brought their videographer friends along with their cool SLR’s and GoPro’s and filmed this sweet video that for some reason I cannot tell is a promotional video…or a music video…or both?

This sport is perfect. You can go to a beach and drink some brewskis with your bros or lady friends, read a good book for a while, and then when you gain consciousness, you can go jump around on a gigantic inflatable volleyball court with a decent sized trampoline the middle and smash a ball that’s volleyball-esque into your opponents face…and then do a backflip as a celebration and not get flagged for it.

I also, kind of want to create a sport branching out from this called “Bossa Nova ball” with the same exact concepts and rules as Bossaball, but whenever you aren’t playing the ball, you have to dance the bossa nova…just a thought. Then that video would make way more sense…?

You’re officially welcome for having me to expose this beautiful sport to you. Now go travel to Spain or somewhere one of the, most likely, 5 places in the U.S. where one of these inflatable bossaball courts exist and ball hard.

This guy...

This guy…


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